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A Family Firm Committed to Personalized, Compassionate Advocacy

Founded in 1987, Donchez Law Firm is a testament to the enduring values of family, integrity, and justice within the personal injury legal sphere. Jeffrey J. Donchez and Mercedes M. Donchez, a father-daughter attorney team are at the heart of our practice. Our practice also includes our medical consultant, Dr. King, who is the wife of Jeffrey and the mother of Mercedes.  Together they bring a legacy of compassion, expertise, and unwavering dedication to their clients. 

Personal Injury Lawyers Seattle

Meet The Team

Jeffrey J. Donchez

In practice as one of the leading personal injury attorneys in Seattle WA since 1987, Mr. Donchez has focused his professional practice on helping seriously injured people recover and achieve fair compensation for their injuries.

Mercedes M. Donchez

A graduate of Western Washington University and Seattle University School of Law (cum laude), Mercedes brings both academic excellence and real-world experience to her role as a Partner and Seattle injury attorney.

Dr. Lauren J. King

As the Medical Director of Donchez Law Firm, Dr. King brings over 50 years of clinical experience in treating injury victims alongside personal injury attorneys in Seattle WA.

Stories of Justice

Recent Victories

With our Seattle personal injury attorneys on your side, you’ll receive the monetary compensation you deserve, helping to cover medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses incurred due to your injury. Scroll over the client stories below to see the results. 

Animal Attack

While working for a dog walking service, Susie suffered a severe dog attack resulting in an infection in her bone from the dog’s saliva, necessitating antibiotics administered through a PICC line.

Amount Recovered: $250,000

Initially, the homeowner's insurance company denied coverage for her injuries. Recognizing the injustice, our firm took decisive action. We initiated a lawsuit against the homeowners to compel their insurance company to defend them. Through meticulous legal strategy and advocacy, we held the homeowners accountable for their negligence. Subsequently, the insurance company agreed to settle for the maximum limit of the homeowner’s insurance policy.

Construction Site Injury

Following the conclusion of her shift with a flagging company at a construction site, Monica was struck by a vehicle while crossing the road to return to her car. The incident occurred at an uncontrolled intersection within the construction zone, resulting in a severe tibial plateau fracture requiring surgical intervention with internal fixation.

Amount Recovered: $660,000

In response to this tragic event, our firm pursued legal action against multiple parties implicated in the accident. We filed lawsuits against the general contractor, various subcontractors, the municipality where the incident occurred, and the at-fault driver. Additionally, we initiated a claim against our client's auto insurance carrier to explore all avenues of compensation. Through relentless advocacy, we secured a favorable resolution for Monica that settled against all parties involved.

Premises Liability

Little Ricky sustained severe injuries while using a homemade zip line at his grandparents' residence, resulting in a skull fracture and a shattered left arm. Despite the gravity of the situation, the homeowner's insurance company initially denied responsibility for the child's injuries.

Amount Recovered: $500,000

Upon securing our firm, we promptly intervened and successfully compelled the insurance company to acknowledge liability and agree to pay the policy limits. Additionally, we worked to ensure that our client's health insurance company waived their reimbursement obligations and took proactive measures to secure Ricky’s future financial well-being– structuring the settlement to provide periodic disbursements to Ricky until he turns 25.

Car Accident

Matthew was struck by a vehicle exiting a private driveway while traveling down the highway, resulting in a torn rotator cuff that required surgical intervention.

Amount Recovered: $235,000

Despite the clear liability of the at-fault party, their insurance company initially refused to honor the $100,000.00 policy limits. Through strategic litigation while on the brink of trial, the insurance company relented and ended up paying the policy limits of 100k plus an additional 135k on top of the insured's limits.

*Per our confidentiality protocol, names have been changed to protect the identity of each client. Please note that every case is different and results depend on your specific circumstances. Prior case results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

”As a family run firm, we offer personal attention and care, ensuring you feel heard, valued, and confidently represented.”

- Mercedes D.

The Core Values That Point Us In the Right Direction

The Donchez Way


Honesty & Integrity

At Donchez Law Firm, standing on the side of truth isn’t just a practice; it’s our promise. We navigate every challenge with unwavering honesty, ensuring you receive nothing but the raw, unfiltered truth, no matter how tough. Our integrity is the cornerstone of every decision we make, every strategy we devise, and every interaction we have. Because in the fight for justice, honesty isn’t just the best policy—it’s our only policy.



Battling against the Goliaths of the insurance world and other corporations requires more than just skill—it demands dedication. At Donchez Law Firm, we don’t shy away from the hard battles. Instead, we embrace them, dedicating ourselves to the pursuit of what’s right for you. Every day, we pour our energy and expertise into securing the compensation you deserve, turning challenges into victories, and ensuring this journey is more than just a process—it’s a path to closure and healing.



Our commitment to you goes beyond legal representation. At Donchez Law Firm, we’re by your side, every step of the way. Your fight is our fight. We are in this together, fueled by a shared commitment to justice, your rights, and the outcome you deserve. Because when we commit, we do so not just with our expertise, but with our hearts.



Passion is the heartbeat of Donchez Law Firm. It’s what drives us to stand up for you, day in and day out. Fighting for you isn’t just our job—it’s our calling – why Mercedes followed in her father’s footsteps. This passion is reflected in every case we take on because we love what we do. 

Jeffrey Donchez, Lawyer at Donchez Personal Injury Law Firm in Seattle


Jeffrey J. Donchez

Born in Pennsylvania, the son of a Presbyterian minister, Jeff was raised mainly by his immigrant grandparents from Syria, instilling a deep sense of hard work and resilience from an early age.

A cum laude graduate of Western Washington University and the University of Puget Sound School of Law, Mr. Donchez’s dedication to justice extends beyond the courtroom. Mr. Donchez’s commitment to his community and clients is unwavering, reflecting his experiences coming to law later in life after years of blue-collar work.

Mr. Donchez is admitted to practice in all Washington State courts, the Federal District Courts for the Eastern and Western Districts of Washington, and the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. In his free time, Mr. Donchez enjoys traveling with his wife, listening to jazz and blues, and cooking for his family. A devoted father of three and grandfather of five, Jeff cherishes every moment with his loved ones. His love story with his wife, Lauren,  now spans over 42 years. Above all he knows this Seattle personal injury law firm will bring a sense of closure, allowing you to move forward.


Mercedes M. Donchez

While in law school Ms. Donchez published an article in the Gonzaga Law Review entitled “Unheard Victims: Extending Victim’s Rights to the Civil Commitment Proceedings of Sexually Violent Predators in Washington State.” Ms. Donchez also competed in the regional and national American Bar Association Mediation Competitions. 

Beyond her legal expertise, Mercedes is a sentimentalist who cherishes handwritten notes and cards. Her commitment to her clients is exemplified by her successful work with the Seattle Clemency Project, where she secured early release for a deserving individual. In her free time, Mercedes indulges in her passion for food, exploring Seattle’s culinary offerings, and tends to her vegetable garden with determination. Mercedes’s recent journey into motherhood has only strengthened her resolve to serve her clients with compassion and dedication. 

Mercedes Donchez, Seattle personal injury attorney in front of the Seattle Courthouse
Dr. Lauren J King, team member at Donchez Law Firm in Edmonds Washington


Dr. Lauren J. King

Dr. King is the daughter of a chiropractor and worked with her father for decades! Together they ran several successful chiropractic clinics in Skagit County, Washington. Fueling her passion, she became a 1973 graduate of Palmer Chiropractic College. Dr. King is also Board Certified in Chiropractic Orthopedics. Dr. King has an extensive background in AMA Impairment rating examinations and is a consultant for the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries. She recently retired from active chiropractic practice after 50 years, being one of the longest-licensed chiropractors in Washington State. 

Dr. King’s wealth of knowledge assists us in reviewing injury and medical negligence cases. She supports our attorneys and staff in analyzing complex medical records and will accompany you to medical appointments for added support and protection. Dr. King attends insurance medical examinations with our clients so they have an experienced advocate with them at all times. Dr. King’s experience and background help us ensure that insurance company examinations are done properly. Dr. King is Jeffrey’s wife and Mercedes’s mother, completing the family-centered firm. She loves to travel and has been to South America, Europe, and recently a river cruise down the Nile.

Gain a Sense of Justice

If you need clarity and support, our accident lawyer Seattle team is here to help you navigate the complexities of personal injury law and pursue the compensation you deserve. We’ll answer any question you have through a relaxed, complimentary consultation.

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